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This Checkride Software Test Plan will be the basis for the test program that will be executed to certify the products within the Windhover ecosystem software.  Our goal is that this approach, or one very similar, will be used by the FAA to certify software for autonomous use in the national airspace.  Software earns certification as it becomes compliant with all the processes applicable to its classification.  The Scorecard shows where each product is in this process.  An application might start out at a very basic level and mature into a full Checkride certification as it is subjected to higher standards and more specific testing.  Each piece of software in the Windhover ecosystem gets a Checkride compliance rating based on its acceptance data package. This documented evidence of requirements, design, and test artifacts for each flight, ground and user application as well as peer review checklists.  These acceptance data packages will be made available along with the actual products in the Windhover Hangar.   Windhover users can easily determine the classification and pedigree of components in the ecosystem by viewing their Checkride compliance Scorecard.  This helps them make informed decisions about which applications to integrate into their UAS missions.