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Workshop is the same development platform and tool set that Windhover Labs developers use to create and maintain the Windhover ecosystem.  The Workshop product is a downloadable virtual machine that is centrally managed by Vagrant.  Vagrant is a free utility that allows you to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.  Windhover sets up the virtual machine with all the tools in the Windhover ecosystem, preconfigured for development use.  The user downloads Vagrant from Hashicorp and a configuration file from Windhover Labs.  They can then run a single command and the entire Windhover ecosystem is downloaded configured and installed on the virtual machine.  When it completes they are ready to start creating and testing their application immediately.

Workshop is your local software development hub.  Workshop integrates the Airliner flight software, the Commander operations console and ground based application engine, the Trainer simulation to provide an integrated, pre-configured, fully functional package of all the software in the Windhover ecosystem.  Hangar integration will be added in future releases along with all the improvements we’ll make as we continue to use Workshop for our continuing efforts.  Vagrant based development makes it easier for developers to keep in sync with the Airliner toolchain so everyone is always up to date and working from the same baseline.

The Workshop  Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is build around the Eclipse.  Eclipse is a commonly used IDE for C/C++ and Java development and fits well with Airliner development.  Eclipse has an extensive collection of add-on tools available for software developers, supporting over 250 different open source projects.  These include modeling tools, run time environments, reporting tools and much more. Many software developers are already familiar with Eclipse making it the obvious choice for us to have built upon.  By growing our IDE in this way we have access to many features and options without having to create them ourselves.

The Workshop IDE includes auto completion, run time profiling, code coverage, remote debugging, CM and issue tracking integration.  The IDE also directly integrates with Windhover Commander, allowing developers to view telemetry and send commands while they’re debugging code.  Future releases will also include integrated file transfer, log parsing and display, and various tools and configuration wizards to better manage your build.    

Workshop comes with Commander pre configured for interface to the on board application test agent.  From Workshop, developers can create test scripts in Python and Javascript to exercise their newly created application.  This is the same test agent and infrastructure that we use to test the Airliner framework and on board applications.  The test harness allows for low-level vehicle data access and commanding as well as execution control.  This includes the ability to run faster than real time so you can put your application through the paces of multiple complex missions in an abbreviated amount of time.

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