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You are reading this on the Hangar Wiki system.  Hangar is the Windhover user and developer portal.   The 7 components to Hangar are:

Wiki is the documentation server.  This is in wiki form to make it easier to other developers to contribute to the Airliner ecosystem and document their changes and contributions.
Code is where the code repositories are located.  Anybody can download and clone the repositories, but only people that have accepted the Contributor License Agreement can push changes back.
Tickets is the ticket system where bugs and feature requests are submitted.  This is also where software requirements and tracing to Software Architecture Documents, Design Documentation, and tests are maintained.
Factory is the automated build system.  When code is pushed to the repository, Factory will automatically run regression tests and notify contributors and maintainers if components fail tests.  This is continuous integration approach helps maintain quality while allows developers to work quickly and efficiently.
Review is an additional utility that facilitates peer reviews.  Peer reviews are required before code can be merged back into the main line.
Scorecard displays an easy to read roll up of the general health of software at releases and the current state.  It provides an easy to navigate interface from the software components to requirements to design documentation and test results.
Questions for answers and post questions here. 

This section contains information for getting started with the Airliner Ecosystem. The list of subtopics are as follows:

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